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Danielle & Cameron

This wedding gets our vote for the happiest wedding couple of the year! As soon as we saw Danielle and Cameron’s images pop up on photographer Konrad’s social media, we knew we wanted to see more. From the beginning to the end, this couple does not stop smiling. Combining their love with their love to party, they had the wedding day of their dreams.

BRIDE & GROOM: Danielle & Cameron
THE DATE: 24th May, 2019
THE LOCATION: Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort


How, when and where you met:
Well now that’s a story! We actually don’t remember meeting one another, but by process of elimination we figured we met drunkenly in McDonalds on 13th February 2015.

The following week, I found a random contact saved in my phone as “Cam McDonalds Dude Sexy” – really confused I decided to text the number and see if they had any recollection on how I got it. Long story short it turns out we were both out in Auckland CBD on Friday 13th for work drinks and after a fair few tequilas it led us both to McDonalds. We decided to meet up for lunch and that’s when I knew that drunk Dani did good. The rest is history!

Why did you choose Fiji? And why that particular location?
Fiji was the first international holiday that we went on together as a couple in 2016, we absolutely fell in love with the beautiful country and more so the beautiful people. We went to Fiji a couple more times, we just couldn’t get enough! So when Cam proposed, we knew the only place that would be the perfect location for us to get married would be Fiji.

When I started to do research into destination weddings I came across the Bula Bride website. I really liked reading through other couples love stories and about their big day. It swayed us just that little bit more to choosing the Outrigger too.

What was involved in researching and organising your wedding?
We did a lot of research into all the different resorts that offer wedding packages, the best time of year to get married, what the legal requirements are etc. which helped when it came to deciding which resort we were going to choose to have our wedding. However when the Outrigger had emailed through their package options, we knew instantly that it was the one and we couldn’t wait to put down our deposit.

After securing our date, the Outrigger assigned Ledua as our Wedding Coordinator who was in contact with us for the lead up to the big day. If we had any questions, she would get back to us within a couple of days, always on hand if you had any worries or concerns too. In regards to organising the wedding, Ledua emailed through a checklist which detailed pretty much everything that Outrigger needed to know to be able to host our wedding. It helped put my mind at ease that once we had sent it that everything I could do from my end was done.

When we landed in Fiji on the week of our wedding, Ledua organised a meeting with us to sort out our marriage paperwork, run through the checklist with her in person and ask any other questions that we may have. Again, such a relief to be able to unload knowing that someone else was looking after everything for us!


Tell us about your day, pre-wedding o’clock:
We spent the night before our wedding apart, so I woke up feeling even more excited to see Cam that day. My friends in the UK video called me, which was absolutely amazing! Later my Mum and her best friend Julie came over to set up (both hairdressers – how lucky am I) and so did my Bridesmaids. We popped open a couple of bottles of champagne and had some nibbles while our make up artists worked their magic. It all seems like a bit of blur to be honest, I was so excited that the getting ready part seemed to fly by!

Who was your hair & make up done by?
My Mum Sue and mum’s best friend Julie did my hair and also the bridesmaids – so grateful to them both. They were incredibly patient when the humidity kept loosening the girls’ curls and they kept us laughing with old work stories. 

The Wedding Hair and Make-up Perfectionist team were our makeup artists – who were actual magicians! They transformed us all beautifully, I felt very glamourous and ready for my close-ups when they had finished my make-up too! Highly recommended!

My dress was from: Kelly Lin Couture, Grafton Auckland (I had it customised slightly to suit what I was looking for

The Bridesmaids dresses were from: Evolution Clothing

The Groom & the guys wore: Hallensteins


Location: The Chapel

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort did our Bridal bouquet and Groom buttonhole and the wedding set-up. The Bridesmaids bouquets were from Ebay and Groomsmen buttonhole hand made by my creative Mum.

We wanted our ceremony to be a reflection of us and our relationship, so we wrote our own Wedding Script (Cam is also a Wedding Celebrant himself!). This allowed us to include special mentions about our love story and also our loved ones that have passed. We also wrote our own vows, neither of us had read/heard the others, so it was really funny when we both pretty much said the same things. For example “I promise to always be the Monica to your Chandler” and “I promise to be the Chandler to your Monica.” Too funny!


Who was your photographer & why did you choose them?
Konrad Thorpe was our photographer and wow what a guy! He is an absolute legend, so down-to-earth, easy to get along with and he felt like was one of our friends, like we had known him forever! All you need to do is look at his work on his Instagram and Facebook to understand why we chose him! His work is incredible!

We love the natural candid photo’s rather than the staged, forced poses style of photography; we feel it captures the feel of the day better. We wanted a photographer that would capture us at our most happiest, those stolen moments and stolen kisses; Konrad did just that!

Who was your videographer & why did you choose them?
ZoomFiji was our cinematography team and they were incredible! We barely even noticed they were there throughout the full day, start to finish! Such a cool easy going team that again made us feel at ease and as though they were part of our family! We also booked them because when we asked Konrad if he had any recommendations or preferences on who to work with for our wedding videos, ZoomFiji was one of his suggestions and after watching some of their videos we understood why. Every wedding is unique and so is every wedding video that they create.

WOW! That is pretty much the word we would use to describe both our photos and videos. We love all the photos and both the highlight and full-length videos of our day. They allow us to relive it over and over again! We both definitely shed a tear or two going through each photo and watching the videos back. I would recommend having both a photographer and videographer to anyone!


Where was the location? Vahavu (Poolside Lounge)

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort provided our décor. For cocktail hour, we upgraded our drinks package to the deluxe package and added an additional hour. This allowed us to add 2 x cocktails to the drinks menu, an imported beer/wine and spirits. The cocktails we chose were the Coral Collision and the Baravian Barrell – both deeeeeelicious! Our guests LOVED that we had an unlimited open bar for 4 hours and it’s fair to say there were a few sore heads the next day!

What was on the dinner menu? The Lovo Buffet is included in the wedding package provided by the Outrigger, we didn’t feel the need to upgrade to the seafood option as neither of us are big on seafood. Personally we don’t think an upgrade is necessary because there were so many tasty options! Every one of our guests raved about how delicious everything was and how much food there was to choose from. Unless your a big seafood fan, the lovo buffet is an excellent option to stick with!

Who made your wedding cake and what type did you choose? The Outrigger provided the wedding cake, we chose a 2 tier buttercream mud cake, top tier being Vanilla and the bottom tier being chocolate. We had the top tier delivered to our room so we could enjoy the next day for a nommy newlywed breakfast! The cake topper we had I purchased on AliExpress for $11, it was delivered within 3 weeks which was great considering it was personalised.

Who was the music/DJ/entertainment by? DJ Inosi was our DJ and MC for the reception. He is one top fella! He kept the party going with awesome tunes that flowed really well. He even mixed it up for us with all our drunken song requests and was very accommodating to any changes etc. One of the best moments was when my best friend asked for Mambo No.5. and asked Inosi to announce it like Lou Bega “Ladies and Gentlemen this is Mambo No.5.” he sounds just like him!

We also had the Coastal Entertainment Pacific/Fijian Dancers and Fire Show, which I would recommend to any couple getting married in Fiji. Their show is about half an hour long and adds a true Fijian feel to the wedding. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them and our guests couldn’t get enough! They thought it was the perfect entertainment to add to our reception.

What did you do at the end of the reception? Well… for me the end of the reception is quite a blur (one too many of those Coral Collision cocktails!) but we just partied on through until the reception ended at 10pm. Jiosi was our coordinator for the reception, (what a guy!) helped Cam to ensure that this drunken bride got back to the hotel room okay. A few of our guests continued on the party in the lounge bar at the Outrigger, which had live music playing until 1am.

Do it!!! It was one of the best decisions we have ever made! You won’t regret it! Who wouldn’t want the magic of your wedding day combined with a Fijian holiday! We found it helped us to save money on aspects of the day that would have cost more in New Zealand, which allowed us to spend it on the things that were most important to us.

The whole day was a highlight for me, I can’t pinpoint a single moment where I wasn’t laughing or smiling (apart from blubbering at some of the speeches!) it will be a day that we will remember and treasure forever.

Do you do any pre or post wedding activities?
A couple of days after our wedding a group of us jumped on a boat out to Malamala Beach Club – one of the highlights of our week away! It’s such a beautiful island and beach club, with day beds, loungers, infinity pool, kayaks, paddle boards, a pier to jump from and snorkelling equipment. The bar/restaurant had an awesome menu with some of the best cocktails that we’ve had! Definitely recommend this day trip to anyone going over to Fiji, you can make it a relaxing day or action packed, what ever you fancy!

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