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Hey! My name is Konrad, and I’m K Thorpe Photography. I know being photographed isn’t something that comes easily or naturally to everyone, and I completely get that! My aim is to make every couple to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I love being able to connect with people, as I do believe that this breaks down any awkward walls. Does any of this interest you? Feel free to contact me to discuss photography for your big day!

Q&A with Konrad Thorpe

How did you begin your business and how long have you offered wedding photography?
It all began in an interest in film & TV in university. I unfortunately decided that being in front of the camera just wasn’t a viable job, so I decided to try my luck behind the camera. I realised that it was a lot more of a passion for me than initially expected, so I decided to venture into weddings! I’ve been shooting since early 2014.

What inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

Being able to capture a single moment in time that is able to give the viewer a story about what’s happening.

Do you have packages and what are they?
Sure do! They start at $2000 AUD minus transportation and possible accommodation for elopement packages, and $2600 for wedding packages.

Are you able to customize your photography packages?
Definitely! I know that everyone wants different things, so I’m super flexible with my packages, If you want something added or removed, let me know!

How many weddings do you cover a day?
Currently only one, as I’m the only lead shooter, but I am also looking at offering associate photographer packages.

What is your current most requested photography style?
My photography style is what sells me, so I only stick to what I know works. Super candid and out of your face is what I’m all about.

How much lead time do you need for couples to confirm your services?
All depends on the couple. I’ve had couples book me a couple weeks out for a wedding, and I’ve also had couples book me a year out too!

Do you have a favorite location to shoot and why?
Not necessarily! I try to make the best out of any location.

Top tip for couples who wish to make the best of your service?

Be open minded and flexible. Fiji is a tropical country, so rain is always a possibility. I also may put you guys in what seems like a weird spot, but trust me! I always try to envision how a shot will look in my head beforehand.

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