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Zoomfiji is home to Fiji’s premier photography and cinematography studio. Bruce Southwick along with his creative, dedicated crew travel all over Fiji for weddings, with a simple goal; to create images and film-style cinematography that you and your family will cherish today and for a lifetime. Contact us for the ultimate Fiji photography, cinematography collections or a dream combination of both.

Zoomfiji specialize in capturing all the emotion and beauty of your Fiji wedding, from intimate elopements to large celebrations. We use a combination of HD-camera’s, drone and glide camera’s so that the end result is a stunning film-style production capturing the real essence of your day in Fiji – a timeless keepsake.

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Q&A with Bruce Southwick - Director Of Zoom Fiji

Tell us a little about your background?

I am a hybrid 50/50 New Zealander & Fijian, I enjoy sport, family, food and people. I have always been an observer and realized early in life that my camera work allows me to see life and capture its goodness as a profession.

How did you begin your business?

I did some photography courses while living in London and headed to Africa with a camera and films galore (yes you read right, film ha!). For months I shot, wrote every detail of every image I experimented with and pretty much learned my craft. Once I got back to New Zealand and people saw my images they wanted some prints. This sparked a crazy idea that maybe this could be work for me, so I looked up the most creative guy I knew in school, Tristan Tuckey. That first meeting changed my life with the belief that I was indeed a photographer. I worked as a pro in New Zealand then in 2003 Fiji beckoned, the homeland of my family since 1860. Zoomfiji was just me to start then evolved to an amazing team of Damo, Dustin, Kiti, my lovely wife Bianca and Elle. As all good stories go, Tristan was also a groomsmen at my own wedding 3 years ago.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?
Seeing such variety and pure enjoyment in life. It blows me away all the time how lucky I am, from seeing a couple that are just so so meant to be together, to filming a needlessly blind lady see again after eye surgery and hug grand children she has never laid eyes on, to shooting Fiji as they won an Olympic Gold medal. There are so many tangents to what we shoot and this makes it fresh, exciting and meaningful and I get to call that work. Yes there is pressure to deliver, but what a view.

Your favourite location for a Fiji Wedding?
Somewhere where I can go barefoot, luckily this is 90% of the time. Natadola beach, Taveuni and Kadavu scenes flash to mind.

Your favourite wedding you have looked after so far and why?
Impossible to answer as I have truly been honored to meet so many amazing couples and their families. There have been inspiring chats, man hugs, happy mum hugs and little kids calling me Shrek to think back on.

Favourite place to visit in Fiji?
Kadavu, Savusavu and Ra province, these places are Fiji at it’s best.

Your favourite Cocktail?
No thanks, a beer or a single malt is me.

Top tip for Bride & Grooms on their day?
Do all your thinking and worrying before your day, once you get there be you, enjoy it and soak it up. Remember that people come for you and trust me they don’t worry about a thing except being with you. The other photographer tip is don’t spend the whole ceremony looking at the marriage celebrant, look at your partner, savor that moment and at how far you’ve come together…the bonus is you’ll look unreal for us to capture!

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