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Getting help planning your Fiji wedding

This week we wanted to share some insight with you on who you can turn to to help get your Fiji wedding organised. We look at the different services offered by Resort Wedding Co-ordinators, Destination Travel Agents and Wedding Planners, and what the differences are if you choose to get some additional assistance to help you book and plan your Fiji wedding.

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It’s definitely possible to have an amazing wedding utilising the experienced Wedding Co-ordinator at your resort.
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1. Resort Wedding Co-ordinators

A strong majority of Fiji Destination Brides will choose to use only the Wedding Co-coordinator at the resort to help plan their wedding. This is usually included in your wedding package and comes at no extra charge, which is great if you are trying to save money. If the resort does a lot of weddings they should have a reasonably seamless procedure in place in order to provide good service for anyone booking a wedding package at their resort.

A Resort Wedding Co-ordinator often has a large team of professionals working alongside them. They are responsible for planning and executing the wedding and will have a team of internal staff as well as potentially external suppliers they can call on to provide services. They tend to be very busy, often answering email enquiries and planning future weddings all while organising and arranging current weddings going on in the resort. While some resorts now split the functionality into a pre-wedding office-based team and an on-the-ground team, other resorts have one person doing it all. It is not unusual for some Fiji Resorts to have a wedding every day or every second day during the busy season, so the Wedding Co-ordinators do have an incredibly busy job.

You may have heard about ‘Fiji Time’. Communications in Fiji are slower than overseas, but please be patient!

If your wedding co-coordinator isn’t responding to your emails within 24-48 hours, it could be that she is away from her desk attending to someone else’s wedding or on a rare day off. We thoroughly recommend if you are choosing to use the services of the resort that you have everything well organised in advance. We also suggest compiling your list of questions so that you can send this through on one email say once per month, rather than dozens of emails back and forward. Write yourself a list of the areas you need to get sorted out and make a note of your requirements. You can download free wedding planning tools off the web to help you out and an overall list of requirements will be well received.

Get help with your group travel and accommodation arrangements and 3rd party suppliers with a Destination Travel Agent
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2. Destination Travel Agents

Are your accommodation & travel arrangements overwhelming you? To start with, you are likely to have a group of people travelling for your wedding. The first thing you might like to think of is to utilise the services of a travel agent that specialises in Fiji weddings.
Do you want to know about things like any special luggage allowances for your dress?
Want to know any specials on offer from the airlines?
Not sure which resort is actually going to suit your group best?
Do you need wedding or travel insurance?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you definitely want to have a Destination Travel Agent help you out. Your wedding Travel Agent can negotiate an accommodation deal on your behalf for your whole group and an allotment also. An allotment is where a resort is likely to hold an allocation of rooms for your friends & family if you are holding the wedding at the resort.

Usually Destination Travel & Wedding Specialists will work on a commission basis from travel and accommodation you book through them so there is no extra cost for their assistance. They have access to great specials and rates that are only offered though Travel Agents and they can also help you out with the rest of the wedding such as booking 3rd party suppliers such as hair & make up, photography, videography. Generally speaking they will have everything organised for you before you leave for Fiji and will not be there on the day, but will certainly be available should you have any accommodation or travel crisis, which is a massive benefit if things go wrong!

Enlist the help of a Wedding Planner to make your day stress free.
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3. Wedding Planners

Want your wedding to be incredible but don’t have the time or patience to do everything yourself?

All weddings in Fiji are amazing and regardless of your budget or location, especially with your friends and family there to share in your special day in tropical Fiji paradise. We have seen amazing weddings on shoestring budgets in Fiji. But in a practical sense, we are a tiny island nation and not everything that is readily available to New Zealand or Australian brides getting married in Fiji is available here. While many brides are simply happy to choose from what is locally available, other brides have a particular vision for their wedding they want executed. And doing this in an overseas country you are not familiar with has its challenges!

If you are looking for something unique beyond the package, this is where an Independent Wedding Planner can be exactly what you are looking for. A Wedding Planner is going to be able to let you know if they can accommodate your personal requests or if they are not feasable they will let you know. A Wedding Planner has many contacts such as hair & makeup artists, DJs and Photographers and can make arrangements & negotiate prices on your behalf also. They have dealt with these suppliers before and wouldn’t recommend them unless they are sure they will deliver. They are truly focused on all of the small details of your wedding and will make sure it is 100% organised, which is good if you are fussy or like attention to detail. Some overseas based wedding planners are also able to attend on the day of your wedding.

Most Independent Wedding Planners of this nature will work on an hourly basis or an agreed package price. If your own time is precious and you are finding it time consuming and difficult to pull everything together, a Wedding Planner is a great investment and will save you time and money (and stress!) in the long run.

Plan the Fiji wedding of your dreams from start to finish
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Most of all, there is no right or wrong option for who you get to help you co-ordinate your Fiji wedding, but it does pay to give some thought to your overall requirements so you can enlist wedding experts as necessary early on in the wedding planning stages or know you’re comfortable with the more relaxed approach of leaving it up to the resort. In our experience this is a very personal choice that you, as the bride, needs to make. Most Fiji resorts do a wonderful job of coordinating weddings daily and making them beautiful and memorable, but often a particularly busy or worried bride that wants a higher level of attention and should look at getting some wedding planning assistance with the experts, whether it is just to nail your Fiji accommodation and travel arrangements, or help plan the entire wedding.

Still need help??
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