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Sigatoka River Safari

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Fiji’s original and the world’s first Jet Boat & Village Safari, is the multiple award winning Sigatoka River Safari.

Our half-day eco/cultural adventure transports you deep into the heart & soul of Fiji, aboard our custom-built safari jet boats.

Cruise your way up the magnificent Sigatoka River to visit authentic Fijian villages and experience a day in the life of the real ‘kaiviti’ (Fijian). Enjoy the experience knowing you are actively helping the community you are visiting, by simply choosing to do the Sigatoka River Safari, you are directly contributing to their various projects within their villages, so you can rest assured you are ‘making a difference’ to your new friend’s lives.

Your driver and guide will bring the journey to life, introducing you to the rich culture of the people of Fiji and sharing the history, customs and legends of the area with you.

Learn More About Sigatoka River Safaris

How many different tours do you offer?
We offer five tours, including Sigatoka River Safari, Off Road Cave Safari, EcoTrax Fiji, River Jets and Water Blob Fiji.

Do you offer specials for groups?
Yes we do offer group specials depending on the numbers. We also tailor make packages to suit group requirements.

What is included in your tour package?

Return Resort Transfers, Bus commentary along the Sigatoka Valley to our Sigatoka River Safari base 15mins from town, Authentic Fijian, village experience, Traditional Kava Ceremony, Sumptuous Fijian Food, Entertainment with the locals, Sulus (sarongs) for the ladies, Bottle of water for everyone, Sensational Safari Jet Boat ride.

How many can you cater on your tour at a time?
We have 6 vessels with a combined capacity of 75, but we usually limit the number of guests to 48 per tour. However, we can increase on demand and we are flexible in terms of timings and requirements as required. Group sizes have varied from 20 to 280.

What makes your tour different from others?
Sigatoka River Safari offers a half day uniquely Fijian adventure into the “Heart & Soul of Fiji” aboard our custom built Safari jet boats. We are the only tourism operator in Fiji that works with 15 different villages who live in the Fijian interior. We balance their daily subsistence living with the benefits of tourism by sharing the benefits across the year and seasons. Part of what our guests pays to go on Safari is then paid directly to the village our guests visit and these monies assists with their traditional obligations and of course development of their village etc. Our Safari adventures enable all to interact and engage with the Fijian people and discover firsthand what makes the people of Navosa so special and of course learn about the beautiful Fijian culture. All our Boat Captains are trained to the highest international standard in New Zealand under the tutelage of the pioneer of commercial Safari jet boating Mr Neil Ross.

What is currently your most requested tour/trip?
Definitely the Sigatoka River Safari!

What is the main highlight of your tour?
Venturing deep into the Fijian interior aboard the Safari jet boat to visit one of the 15 designated villages that day, and connect with the Fijian people in a truly unique and unforgettable way.

What is the best time of the year to take the tour and why?
The great thing about Fiji is the weather is great all year round and we are able to transport our guests at all times to visit the people of the Fijian interior.

Top tip for parties who wish to make the best of your tour?
All you need is a sense of adventure.

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