Is there anything more gorgeous than a pearl! Pearls are traditionally given to the Mother’s of the Bride & Groom on your wedding day. But I say let’s step outside tradition – they make the most precious gift to give to your maids or (for the men out there) to your blushing Bride! And what better than a Fijian Pearl.

Pearling in Fiji – and the Pacific – owes a lot to two Japanese gentlemen Mr. Tokito and Mr. Wada, who arrived in the 1960s to set up a pearl farm off the island of Ovalau, the site of Fiji’s first capital Levuka. Mr. Wada, a pearling technican by trade, left soon after for French Polynesia, where he was instrumental in starting the first pearl farm. Mr. Tokito remained in Fiji, where his family still farms pearls to this day.

Some three decades later, Justin Hunter returned home to Fiji from the United States to establish J. Hunter Pearls Fiji in 1999. “The idea was to produce pearls in beautifully distinctive hues and that were also larger than what was traditionally grown,” he says. Today, despite a small yearly output, those pearls have put the brand – as well as Fiji – on the world pearling map.”

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Casual Elegance is JHP’s newest collection and that’s exactly what it is! Pearl’s don’t always need to be fancy or for special occasions. I love that it has been brought back to casual everyday wearing with the use of weaved leather. Leanne Hunter from J Hunter Pearls tells Bula Bride a bit more about the new collection.

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The indelible beauty of Fiji is the inspiration behind our stunning new collection.

The unparalleled hues that have made J. Hunter Pearls world famous take their cue from the country’s rich natural heritage, from the cool greens and blues that evoke the aquamarine waters in which our pearls are carefully grown to the warm champagne, copper and gold tones reminiscent of tropical sunsets.

 Our choice of materials for the new line is influenced by the traditional Fijian way of life where weaving with sun-dried leaves and marsh reed is still everyday practice. We’ve used organic leather and cord to string and bind our pearls.

These natural materials get better with age, exuding rustic charm with every wear.

 The knotting and tying in each ring, bracelet and necklace hint at the inter-connectedness of life in Fiji, where many people still live in communal villages.

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At J. Hunter Pearls, we are proud of our work with rural communities, who carry out important components of pearl production and reap the rewards.

 Of course, we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention the gentle, unhurried pace of life in the islands. We wanted to convey this relaxed island vibe in the new collection. These pieces are designed to bring a casual refinement to your every day look. Wear them with a crisp white tee-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans – or stack them like charm bracelets to the beach. ”

They also have these gorgeous Pearl wngraved wedding ring dishes – head to for more information or to browse their online store.

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