Engagement Sessions are such a fun experience and a great way to get to know your photographer before the big day. I spoke to three of the hottest photographers in Fiji and asked them ‘Why is doing an Engagement Session is such a great idea?’.

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Gitte from Kama Catch Me Photography:
Its just a short period in your life time you are engaged and this shoot will capture your true fresh romance. It helps to get to know the photographers (and vice versa) and to feel comfortable in front of the lens, so during your wedding day you will be at ease and you know how we work.

We can capture you being you in a casual setting. And especially for the men, it helps to get rid of any negative preconceptions about standing in front of the lens hahaha.

You can be a lot more adventurous, with choosing beautiful locations, the use of props and art work (which we as photographers are very passionate about).

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Leezett from Finau Photography:
Engagements are one of the happiest times in a couple lives. Never again will you be in this stage of your relationship. Its worth putting on canvas.

Working with a couple on their big day who has previously done an E-Session they know what to expect, and how I work, plus they know me and trust me and my suggestions which gives a much better outcome.

When I meet a couple only on their wedding day there is a warm up period, but by sunset set, we have it down pat. With couples I have met, we go straight into it and the results are better and they will get better images, no awkwardness at the start.

Its special when you have a relationship with your photographer and trust their judgement.

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Malia from Malia Johnson Photography:
I wholeheartedly believe that doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer is one of the best decisions you can make! 

An E-Session has so many benefits, so if at all possible, I highly recommend doing one.  Not only will you have amazing photos of you and your husband-to-be, but it gives you a chance to get to know your photographer and their style of shooting. On your wedding day, you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else, so you want them to be someone you want to hang out with. 

If you do an engagement session and feel uncomfortable, you’ll know you need to find someone else for your big day.  Not only that, but you’ll have an idea of what your wedding photos will look like.  Engagement sessions are FUN!  It’s a day without pressure so you can relax and have a great time! 


The last two pics above are from our session with Malia.

When we headed over for our recon trip, we met up with Malia Johnson for a little engagement session/ test shoot. Malia was on my hit list to photograph our wedding. I constantly stalked her blog for new weddings to see how she captured others special day. So I definitely wanted to take advantage of our time over there and meet with her.

I was a little nervous about doing the shoot and my now husband even more. But once we met Malia we felt comfortable straight away. She was great in telling us how to pose, which way to look etc. and try different things in different areas of the island to get a bit of variety. By the end of the shoot we were pro’s and finished off with a sunset pic.

After the shoot we took Malia for a drink and had a chat about how she works on the wedding day and got to know a bit more about her and her husband Stu. We pretty much booked Malia & Stu for our wedding day not having seen the results – it just felt right. And the photos speak for themselves!

On the wedding day it was just like having a friend there. We were excited to have Malia & Stu shoot the wedding as were they! It was like having friends shoot the wedding.

I can’t recommend it enough, I love looking back at these photos in particular now after we have been married and seeing how much we have grown and changed in that year as a couple. My only regret is not doing a trash the dress session after our big day.