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Crystals have been appreciated for their power and beauty for thousands of years and have traditional meanings associated with them. Our generation continue to have a growing interest in all things natural/holistic, and crystals are becoming more and more popular in all aspects of life.

LoveRocks has a unique offering, whereby crystals have been selected with a specific purpose in mind; to create stunning headpieces to enhance a bride’s special day. Headpieces are handcrafted, made to order using fine quality components. Current designs are available in various precious metals and a selection of crystals/gemstones to compliment both the bride’s colour scheme and her dreams/aspirations. A complimentary bespoke design service is also offered, giving the customer opportunity to help create their own unique piece.

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More Information about Love Rocks

Tell us a little about your background?

I’m originally from Manchester in the UK, but emigrated with my children and kiwi husband to NZ in 2012. I’ve previously been a fashion buyer by trade. I’ve had a love and fascination of crystals from a young age, always been drawn to them, and weddings have given me the warm and fuzzies for as long as I can remember. I get such satisfaction through creation and making beautiful things.

What inspired you to start your business and how long has your business been around?

I struggled as a stay at home mum for some time and decided that it was down to me to create my own path and be in control of my own success. I started to piece together all the things I loved and the skills that I had acquired over time. Marrying the power and beauty of crystals with the world of weddings seemed like a match made in heaven, so I began my research and started tinkering around with some designs for headpieces. I launched LoveRocks in August 2016. I’m now almost one year in and have received such wonderful feedback and encouragement from brides-to-be and other wedding vendors. It’s an honour to create that special piece for a bride, something harnessing those positive vibes that she can keep forever.

What services do you offer Brides & Grooms?

I have a range of styles to offer brides some inspiration for their own bespoke headpiece. They may see their perfect piece already in the range, want to use an alternative crystal type or base metal, or we can just take elements from a style and design something alternative to fit with the bride’s choice of gown and hairstyle. I select all of my crystals by hand, cleanse and dedicate them for purpose. Each headpiece is handmade using fine quality materials and is one of a kind. I’ve recently started to make Tie pins for the Groom upon request; this can be a meaningful gift from the Bride and can help to bring the other elements of the wedding, such as colour theme, together too.

Are your accessories readily available?

I custom make all headpieces to order to ensure that the bride has everything she wants. I usually allow 3-4 weeks production time for this but, depending on what base metals and crystals I have in stock already, I can sometimes turn this around much quicker so I always advise brides to get in touch first and I will try my best to accommodate them!

What inspires your creations?

I’m generally inspired by the natural shape and beauty of the crystals themselves, I really prefer to work with them in their raw state. I design to suit the theme and style of the wedding though too; from sparkly princess tiaras and regal crowns to delicately wired halo’s or that dramatic statement piece. I’m currently working on a crown with a raw crystal centerpiece and framework for a delicate fresh floral arrangement – the perfect solution for a bride who was torn between a flower crown and wanting a special crystal incorporated into headpiece she could keep forever.

Top tip for brides to consider while choosing their accessories

Don’t feel restricted by you’ve seen in the marketplace, a good designer will create something to compliment your gown and hairstyle, designed around your personal theme and character. The goal is to have accessories that enhance your look and make you feel a queen!

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

I’ve been so lucky to meet and work alongside many talented and truly inspiring wedding vendors in various collaborations and at the bridal fairs. The best part for me though, is hearing how excited the bride is to wear her bespoke piece on her wedding day…knowing that I’ve been part of her wedding journey and helped to make her dreams come true is the biggest thrill.