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Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Australian photographer James Day popped over to Fiji with his Mrs for a trip that ticks all the boxes. They headed to the Mamanucas – first stop Castaway Island and the second Likuliku Lagoon Resort. If your’e a couple looking for a slice of paradise Likuliku is one of those slices, the only resort in Fiji to have over water bungalows.

James takes over the blog to share his experience and tempt you with his stunning photography.

Over winter I have a little bit more time than I do in summer… so Cath & I look for any opportunity to head away! It’s also rather cold here at home in Woonona…so with Fiji being about 28 degrees celcius through winter… it seemed like the perfect option. So, I got in touch with Bula Bride and asked if Kylie had any suggestions. She mentioned Likuliku Lagoon Resort in the Mamanucas. I like to travel light, so light that all I took was a small bag, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 or 4 t shirts, socks and undies… and 1 compact camera. I took the Fujifilm X100T over. It’s not that much bigger than the iPhone but the image quality is insane…it also looks mega cool.

I was floating in the water and moving my fingers through the water. With the area so calm and so quiet, every time I moved my fingers it was as though I was playing a musical tune.

So, off we went to Likuliku Lagoon Resort. The name Likuliku means Calm Waters in some Fijian dialects. The area is so calm and so quiet that I experienced something I’d never experienced before… peace and quiet. There’s also no kids allowed there! But, it really hit me about 1 hour before we checked out on the last day. I’ve just never heard anything like it before. We’d heard good things about Likuliku. A few of my clients have been there and had raved about it. I wanted to see what it was all about!

We took the ferry to Likuliku, we were the only ones headed to there. There’s a maximum of 45 couples at the resort, so it never feels too crowded or busy. Most people seem to come in via helicopter, but we chose the cheapest option.


As we were arriving, we could hear the voices of some of the staff at Liku Liku singing to us to welcome us. That was very special. Walking over from the small man made island where you get dropped over, you really feel like a rockstar. It’s next level.

And then they take you to your room… and you’re like whaaaaaaaaaat. The over water bure’s are where I’m going to move into when I win the lottery. I did actually calculate how long we could live here before we went completely broke. It wasn’t very long.

I wrote this in the sand and asked Cath to go stand next to it and pretend like she wrote it.

My ugly mug, enjoying a coconut. It was pretty much my standard while I was there. I love coconuts. Simple as that. Was trying to set a new world record for the amount of coconuts consumed in a 24 hour period.

Meanwhile… lunch was being served. Did I tell you how good the food was? Seriously next next level. It’s all included in the price too… so if you decide to check out later in the evening… you can eat all day. So that’s what we did.

So, you can actually climb down a few steps from the over water Bure’s and jump straight into the water. Insanity. Then you can swim underneath the bure’s and freak other people out!

I met these two. They were walking along the beach as the light got good. They’re names are Tim & Dabney and they’re on their honeymoon. We worked out that it was exactly 1 week after their wedding in the USA when this was taken. I asked them if they didn’t mind hanging around for a few photos as shooting the sunset without people in it  just didn’t seem right.

As we were leaving I saw there was an intimate wedding set up going on… so I couldn’t help myself but to snap a few shots of it all.

and then half way through their ceremony we had to leave. Imagine if I did that at a wedding I was shooting.

Thank you to all the staff at Likuliku for looking after us like Kings and Queens. We’ll be back. Trust me.

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Who Did They Use

Who Did They Use?