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Lisa & Clint

If you have been looking at options for an intimate family wedding, we have found the perfect piece of inspiration. I first came across Lisa & Clint’s wedding when I was completing another article on the perfect small wedding in Fiji. I fell in love with their gorgeous pictures showing an amazing family holiday combined with their dream to be married in paradise. I just had to reach out to Lisa and hear the story behind their family wedding in Fiji.

We catch up with Lisa:

Clint and I met as teenagers through mutual friends.  Over the years we would meet up at different social gatherings.  At our friends wedding, Clint requested to sit next to me and that night began ”our” life. 
Clint and I chose Fiji as it is close to our version of paradise.  Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort was chosen because it catered for everything we were interested in –  a family holiday, wedding and honeymoon.

The resort is all inclusive so we did not have to carry money (or think of finances for that matter), that contributed to our stress free family holiday. Our requirements of a small intimate wedding were fulfilled beyond our expectations. We were able to have a honeymoon (with three children) due the the exceptional Bula Kids Club. Our children were picked up at 8am and unless we went to our children or our children wanted us, we didn’t see them again until 9pm.  Being able to have dinner without children was bliss! 
We used an Australian based wedding planner Chelsea Jayne Weddings, I had no idea where to start and thought it might be difficult communicating with time differences etc. Chelsea corresponded with Kitty at Jean-Michel Resort to organise our perfect wedding.   

On the day of the wedding, at 8am the kids were picked up by their Bula Buddies while I went to breakfast and Clint slept in. After breakfast I went to my appointed bure where my hairdresser/make up artist awaited me. My daughter arrived at the bure for her hair appointment while I dressed. Our photographer Michelle floated throughout the resort taking photos and providing updates on the boys for me.  
My dress was by Grace Loves Lace – Mia dress.  I was apprehensive about purchasing a dress online, I needn’t be, the process was effortless and I was rewarded with an exquisite wedding dress. I felt like the Fijian environment complimented the dress.

Kitty Koyamaibole was our resort wedding coordinator and if i asked for something – it happened. Kitty organised things I hadn’t even considered.  I didn’t stress or feel any pressure because Kitty took care of everything. The ceremony decorations were beautifully authentic.
My requirements for our flowers were to be as colourful as possible. Kitty blew me away with her masterpieces, they were far better than I had hoped for.
Clint and I had an escort of Fijian Warriors to the ceremony, this added to the surreal atmosphere and to complete the experience after our ceremony we participated in a traditional Kava ceremony.

Our celebrant was perfect, he projected genuine warmth and sincerity. Rev Isei Nagata was engaging and supportive, with a calm quiet presence. We were so pleased with the celebrants wedding vows we requested a copy to add to our photobook. Our photographer commented that if she were to marry she would like him to officiate her wedding, I couldn’t agree with her more.  

Michelle from Cheer Wedding Photography was chosen because of her photographic style. We adored her precious work and thought she would suit our personalities. 
We were looking for natural, impromptu shots. I requested numerous family shots as kids grow so fast and photographic memories are priceless. Michelle captured our honest and raw emotions through her photos and when I look at them they remind me of my thoughts and feelings at the time.
We did not have a videographer to record our wedding – which I regret.  If I had the opportunity to correct this error I would.  The wedding happened in a blink of an eye with so much stimuli it is hard to take it all in.

Our children chose to have dinner at the Bula Kids Club so Clint and I had our candlelight wedding dinner on the pier (exclusively to ourselves).  It was beautiful sitting under the stars while the water was so clear we could see the numerous schools of fish passing us by.  We were serenaded by the Bula Band Boys to complete our romantic setting. 

I googled Fiji Weddings and found my wedding planner and my photographer and that was pretty much the extent of my research. The beauty of having my wedding at Jean Michel Cousteau Resort was I virtually did nothing – very little research, no planning and definitely no stressing. Chelsea and Kitty would ask me questions, I answered them – then it would be done. My only advice for those planning a wedding with children is to chose a resort that has a great kids club or nanny service, this gives you the opportunity to organise last minute details pre-wedding day, celebrate on the wedding day and enjoy your honeymoon for the rest of your stay.

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