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Your Wedding Day Run Sheet – Download here!

One of the common requests that we get is from brides wanting to get an understanding of how their wedding day will run, both pre and post walking down the aisle. After all, being the bride on a wedding day is not something many people experience often enough to be completely familiar with how things work!

Wedding days in Fiji are usually planned relatively similarly to those in Australia or NZ, with the main difference being the wedding and reception is nearly always at the same venue, and that it is important to consider the tropical climate, both for the comfort of your guests and to ensure you get amazing sunset photos. Accordingly, most weddings are scheduled at 3pm or 3.30pm.

While your timings might be a little different based on your personal requirements, transport times if on an outer island, the resorts preferences and a few other factors, here is a great general guideline to get you started.

Download your free Wedding Day Timeline
Happy planning!

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