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Nadine & Ali’s Fiji Wedding Reception

Many couples come to Fiji to tie the knot in front of family and friends, and we also get our fair share of elopements with an intimate celebration but no wedding reception so to speak. In this inspo article we reverse the situation and take a look at a gorgeous couple who choose to marry at home in Australia first, then travel to Fiji with their friends and family for a beautiful reception, just like it was their wedding day.

Start by watching (and trying not to cry!) at their wedding video by Louis P Films.

We catch up with Bride Nadine on their reasons behind choosing an Australian legal marriage and Fiji wedding reception:

Our Australian Wedding Ceremony

We decided to have this ceremony to pay our respects to our parents and as this is part of our custom and religious values. We also planned our destination wedding reception 1 year in advance. The ceremony was in February 2018, 12 months before the wedding reception. 

Ali and I did a traditional ceremony, a common and preferred way for marriage in our custom. The ceremony was set at Ali’s mums house, where she prepared us a delicious Lebanese spread of our favourite food. We then spent the afternoon together with lots of food and loud dinner conversations.

During this ceremony we shared some verses of the holy book, Quran with the Sheikh and made our promises. I wore a beautiful white dress that I picked from the gorgeous Elle Zeitoune designs and wore a scarf around my hair and neck as this is respect to the sheikh. Ali rocked up with a dressy but casual suit.

Ali and I still lived separately in our own homes after the ceremony as one of our wishes was to move in with each other after our wedding day. I lived with my two sisters about 7 minutes away from Ali in Sydney, I have the best memories in that house just the 3 of us girls. Ali lived with his best friend and younger brother, they had endless Fifa nights!

Our Fijian Wedding reception

We choose the Intercontinental Beach Resort & Spa for our Fiji wedding reception.

Getting ready on the day, I was told I was a very calm bride! There was a cyclone warning that morning, a vendor was late and the whole beach recption had been cancelled due to the bad weather. Plan B was indoors. We both still kept our heads up, our smiles big and our hearts happy. Being a “calm bride” I popped open some bubbles, put my robe on and enjoyed the pamper and felt like an absolute princess. We got ready in the orchid room, it was so peaceful, neat and organised in there. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


After getting ready we were escourted to the wedding reception which was prepared and looked magical, fairy lights and candles is all that I wanted. Simplicity as its best! Walked to the stairs to see my father waiting for me with a big grin on his face while my bestfriends Bella and Chesca held up my veil, Ali and the rest of the bridal party had made their entrance while I walked in, in the arms of my father to Shania Twain – From this moment. 

Our speeches were done by very special people in our lives, Ali’s mum, Ali’s older brother, my two sisters and my two best friends, Bella and Chesca. The speeches were so beautiful and went for a quick 3 minutes-ish due to everyone being so excited and impatient to hit the dance floor. In those 3 minutes beautiful words, smiles, tears and laughter was shared with our guest.

Our wedding day was truly a beautiful memory I will never forget.

Photos: Louis Peau Films

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