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Ocean Studio Fiji Photographers love to tell your Fiji wedding story through their craftsmanship. With over 18 years spent photographing weddings all over the islands of Fiji, their principal photographer, Yoshi Kawai, knows how to get the best photography results for the most important day in your life. Their team create a warm and relaxed atmosphere ensuring you feel comfortable and get the best results. Let their craftsmanship tell your story through your wedding photography.


Tell us a little about your background?
I (Yoshi Kawai as Principal Photographer) was born in Japan and worked for Sony Cooporation, Interntional Marketing department until 1999 before I decided to make the journey to be professional photographer in Fiji, where I love to capture the beauty of life, people and nature.

I was also dispatched to Sony Cooporation USA for 3 years, so I spent more than half of my life overseas including my final destination, Fiji. Also through my photography (as hobby from my childhood) and scuba diving, I travelled all over the world and I settled down in Fiji after I found my wife, and now have a family of 3 Children.

How did you begin your business?
I wanted to create something with my own hands and be appreciated by customers. I found that being a photographer it is much more rewarding, so I created my own business.I’m lucky that I have made my childhood hobby into a successful job. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?
It’s my privilege to meet people and be apart of their wedding day – the best day of couple’s life and new start of life. I love to document the day with respect and capture their emotions, which still give more understanding about love and life. I also enjoy meeting people from all over the world, and when I receive emails of thanks, it feels so rewarding and happy with our customer’s happiness.

Favourite to place to visit in Fiji?
I personally love Taveuni as the best location in Fiji as it’s surrounded by lush green and so natural and spiritual (I plan to make Taveuni as my retired home), and it’s great location for wedding photos.

Favourite location in Fiji to shoot at?
If I think its about good balance with white sandy beach when it comes to wedding photography. Mana Island Sunset beach may be the best location where I can capture wonderful results constantly.

Your favourite wedding you have shot so far and why?
I can not choose only one out of approximate 2000 wedding jobs done in the past 16 years in Fiji. Every single wedding is so precious, shining in their own unique way. I still sometimes try to hold my tears coming out when I am touched by love, emotion of each couple, family and friends, but I hold it as I need to take constant control of my camera operation.

Top tip for Bride & Grooms on their day?
You come all the way to tropical paradise Fiji, so relax! and enjoy your day. Put your stress aside to enjoy the best day of your life, then I can capture your great smile and look from better angles. I always encourage our couples to chill out sometime after the ceremony and before sunset time, and then we can make the best results at the best timing of light and temperature cooled down before sunset time.



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