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My experience as a photographer is varied and colourful. Capturing a couple’s happiness and love brings me great joy and I often find the camera disappears to leave space for spontaneity. I also love to photograph events, to simply blend in with the crowd, see the in-between moments, find the details to be captured and enjoy people interacting.

I have much experience when it comes to photo shoots, editing and post production; and have studied photography in one of the most prestigious Engineering Photography schools in the world. I have been selected to become a member of the Best Of Wedding Photography association (an invitation-only association of international wedding photographers) :

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Q&A With Anais Photography

What makes your business unique?
My photography is nice and fresh: no canned images, no frozen or refrigerated ideas, 100% unique material tailored for you, with love, on your special day.

I am known to connect with you as a couple, so you can just enjoy your time and be comfortable. For each client I provide a series of unique images made with an eye for documentary art. I focus on capturing each special moment and recording all the emotions of the day. My style tends towards natural candid shots combined with a photojournalistic feel and elegant compositions. I also ensure to understand the needs of my couple by talking a lot before the wedding and giving them a list of questions to answer to. We also discuss the schedule and make sure that the light will be the best at the right times.

Why is it a good decision to engage the services of a wedding specialist?
“Memory forgets but photographs don’t”… It would be a shame to have only a few amateur photographs of your wedding day and all these moments that make the day missing from your wedding album. A professional photographer will record all of them and its experience will allow you to relax (even though at first it doesn’t feel relaxed to be in front of a camera), to give you the right direction but also to be forgotten so candid shots can be taken.


Do you have any favourite packages? What are they?

Elopement + Trash the dress underwater session


Pre-wedding organisation: Do you have any recommendations for organising a destination wedding?
Read a lots of blogs and talk to your vendors directly (not only through cold emails).


Where is your favorite location to shoot in Fiji?
I love to shoot in the islands… They are stunning! And for underwater session I love to shoot at Cloud 9 because the water is clear and after the photo session we can relax around a pizza and a drink!


Your tips for a successful wedding photography session?
I wrote a whole article in my website about it (please check it out) but mainly:

TO AVOID…If you try too hard to hold their head in a certain position the chin can end up being too far up or down. I’ll let you know if that’s the case though.


My favorite time of the day for the photo is sunset. If you can avoid 11 am to 4 pm it is best, as the sun is really high and bright, which makes hard shadows on the face and very strong contrast. But, again, I have tricks to deal well with that.


A bit of both. I get the couple to be playful and have fun together to capture some beautiful natural photos. With love in the mix it is always successful! I also get you to pose together and individually. But this is only for the formal photos because for the rest of day my style is more like a sort of a journalistic documentary.


What can the bride (and groom) do to prepare?
If you have an opportunity to do an engagement session it’s always a plus : you get to see yourself and what you should and shouldn’t do. You also start to get use to the camera and to see yourself on photos.


Favourite moments to capture?
I like to capture all moments. I believe strongly that what makes the wedding aren’t only the highlights such as “the first kiss after the Yes I do”. What makes the wedding is also everything happening in between: all the emotions, the anecdotes, the details, the exchange of gaze. I like to take great care of these moments.

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