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Our guide to an Off The Beaten Path (OTBP) photo session

We are insanely blessed in Fiji to have a stunning natural landscape, from our beautiful white sandy shores, to the lush tropical forests, and the jaw-dropping mountains and waterfalls. Couples travelling to Fiji are now looking beyond their wedding day for opportunities to do a photoshoot to provide them with a different vibe to their wedding day and a set of images to treasure forever.

Off the beaten track (or path)
in or into an isolated place.
“we tried to find locations slightly off the beaten track”
unfrequented, isolated, quiet, private, remote, out of the way, outlying, secluded, hidden, backwoods, in the back of beyond, in the middle of nowhere, in the hinterlands; informal, in the sticks
“we tried to find locations off the beaten track”

We catch up with Bula Bride Vendor Leezett Photography/Productions for some insight into just what this type of photo session involves.

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OK, first of all, what is an OTBP photoshoot??

An OTBP session is a photography session in a location that is out of the way, adventurous, giving our clients a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, exploring and enjoying time alone together while our cameras capture it all.

Is this different from a normal wedding photography package?

Yes, very different, due to locations and also less time restrictions. Its much more about being in the moment and the location than the time line on the actual wedding day.

Where do you usually take a couple for their shoot?

We can take you to mountain tops, rivers and streams, sand banks, sugar cane fields, abandoned buildings and the list goes on. It’s great to hear from our clients if they have a preference, otherwise we can help determine a perfect location.

When does the OTBP shoot happen? Before or after the actual wedding?

We prefer in the days following their wedding day so couples can relax and enjoy their photography and filming session, reflecting back on the day that was. Plus they can dress back into into their wedding attire extending their wedding day images and footage to look like an extension of their wedding day. But of course, if couples want to do it before, its totally up to them.

Why are OTBP shoots such a popular option for couples now?

Mainly so they can reduce the need for time away from their guests on their wedding day. Wedding day timelines can be tight especially if Fiji-time happens. And more couples are choosing to spend more time with guests at cocktail hour than being away for a longer period of time for portraits. With a OTBP session booked, you can focus just on bridal party portraits on the day, spending more time with your guests, and leaving the couple portraits for the OTBP session.
PLUS, couples are also choosing OTBP for the experience of being in magical locations in Fiji (away from the crowds) for their images. The afternoon or morning session will be like a adventure tour and photography/filming session in one.

Why should couples choosing Fiji as a destination, pick an OTBP shoot?

Because of the OTBP locations available, the chance to get off the main track and meet locals in their environment and also to see and enjoy the natural beauty of Fiji. Its pretty spectacular!

Interested in an OTBP session as part of your trip to Fiji?

Contact Leezett Photography/Productions for more information or to chat about a session.

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