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Ivory and Stone Bridal is an international online Bridal Boutique that create exquisite, unique Wedding Dresses at an incredibly affordable price. We are based in the stunning wedding destination – Wanaka, New Zealand. 

More About Ivory & Stone

Tell us a little about your background?
I have always been a creative person but I spent most of my working life in a corporate job. During my 10 years in Financial Services I was always drawn back to design and the fashion industry. Being a part time model and studying design prepped me well for the industry. The skills I learnt through financial services such as customer service, relationship management and networking also helped significantly. I started designing wedding dresses two years ago and have never looked back.

How did you begin your business?
The idea for Ivory and Stone Bridal was born through my own wedding planning journey.
Whilst looking for my own dress I found there was a need for quality, beautiful dresses at an affordable price. I started designing my own. They became popular and 12 months later I quit my day job and started Ivory and Stone Bridal.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?
Seeing a happy Bride with her Ivory and Stone wedding dress. I always feel extremely honored and grateful when a Bride chooses to wear Ivory and Stone on their wedding day. It is such an important day for many people and its very humbling when I get to be a small part of it.

How would you describe your products?
Classic and elegant with a unique edge and a very affordable price.

Your favourite piece from the collection and why?
My Covelline Capes. I love the Capes. They are so versatile and unique. They can be worn with nearly any dress and suit so many different wedding styles. They also look amazing in photos.

Top tip for Brides when picking their look for their day?
Choose something that makes you feel incredible but is also comfortable. Your wedding day is a long day and if you’re not comfortable it will show.

What are some of the special features of your product?
With the Eve Collection is chose to design dresses that could be molded to each bride’s individual style. The dresses were designed so they didn’t dominate the bride. Also, the Capes, the detachable overskirt and the detachable arm bands on the some of the dresses were designed so if they didn’t suit the bride’s style they could be removed.
The quality and price are stand out features too.

What inspires you in your business?
Inspiration is everywhere! There are no standard limitations when designing a wedding dress so you can be as creative as you like, meaning you can draw inspiration from anything. I’ve even designed a dress from something I’ve seen on the side of a bus once!

How regularly can brides expect to see new collections?
Twice a year. We launched our Eve Collection in March and I’m working on the next collection now, hoping for an October launch.

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