Projects Collective launches new range - Bula Bride

Projects Collective launches new range

The Projects Collective Fiji has put out a great range of new products suitable for wedding favours and gifts. All are locally made in Fiji by artisans across the Pacific, who sell via the ethical gift-store. Support this amazing intiative by purchasing hand made and ethical items for your Fiji wedding or celebration.


Handmade Fijian Mirror – $350 FJD ($233AUD)

Eau Des Iles Perfume Set of 2  (His & Hers) – $240 FJD ($160AUD)

Local Pillow Case Set of 2 (Large & Medium) – $168 FJD ($112AUD)

Handmade PNG Bilums (One Size) – $150 FJD ($100AUD)

Handmade Fijian Tray Set of 2  (Large & Medium) – $145 FJD ($96AUD)

Kana Vinaka Cook Book – $69 FJD ($46)

Handmade Serving Spoons Set of 4 (One Size) – $68 FJD ($45AUD)


Dilo Up Soaps Set of 50 (Large) – $600 FJD ($400AUD)

Bula Batiki Organic Oil Set of 50 (One Size) – $600 FJD ($400AUD)

Loving Island Soap Set of 50 (One Size) – $300 FJD ($200AUD)