The honeymoon – the second most important thing to consider apart from the dress in your wedding planning! Since your in Fiji, why not soak up the romance that Fiji has to offer by jumping resorts to an enchanting location! To help you in your planning and finding the right honeymoon for you Bula Bride’s resident expert Mandi shares with us her top tips. ~Kylie x


Aaaah, the honeymoon. The long awaited respite after all the stress and months of wedding planning. It is probably the trip of a lifetime, the most expensive trip you will take together, and one that has so much meaning. You envisage the text book honeymoon, whether it be long walks along white sand beaches, or hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro if that is what takes your fancy. Either way, this is the big one!

And it will be perfect right?

Not always: Sometimes it can be very wrong, thanks to some basic mistakes – incorrect advice or assumptions, too-small budgets, and unrealistic expectations. Here are our top tips to what you should and shouldn’t do when planning your honeymoon.

Bula Bride Fiji Destination Wedding Blog // Planning your Fiji Honeymoon

Choosing ‘the text book” honeymoon

Often it is lefty so late or takes such little precedence in comparison to the wedding planning that is can often be an afterthought. Your mate at work went to this place and loved it, so it must be good. The thing is what is perfect can be subjective. Some people love the idea of a no-stress all-inclusive resort, but you might want to do more, be more active, see more culture outside of a resort, or climb that mountain!. Just because they loved it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. It’s okay to ask opinions from like-minded friends and family, but take it as just that, not as a definite plan – it is your honeymoon not theirs!


As mentioned it is tempting to put the priority of the honeymoon way after the right shade of pink for the place cards, but in reality the best time to book your honeymoon is six to eight months prior, especially if you’re planning to go to an exclusive resort. They may be exclusive because they have so few rooms, and so will book up early. In addition, flight availability (or lack of it) means fewer seats and therefore higher prices.

Bula Bride Fiji Destination Wedding Blog // Planning your Fiji Honeymoon

Be specific

As before, one person ideal honeymoon is not another’s. Sunning yourself on an island isn’t specific, does that mean on a luxury romantic island in the pacific along with other honeymooners or even families, or somewhere remote and away from it all

The difference between your “relaxing” and “boring” isn’t always immediately clear. Think about it, and ask advice from those in the know, a specialised travel agent will know the resorts/countries and be able to tailor it to you

Asking too much of Google!

Sites such as Trip Advisor can be very subjective, and reviews may well be out-dated or biased, or even outright untruthful. The information is only as good as what is put in! It might give you a feel for it but you really need to talk to someone with first-hand knowledge of these places. Without the time consuming hours dredging through websites! And remember, Photoshop is an amazing tool! There are websites where pictures of rooms are over 10 years old, and black sand beaches magically become white!

Go through a travel agent, not only do they save the drudgery of website research,  they often have better deals, only given to a specific number of agents – with stay/pay deals and discounted meals etc. And because they have such good relationships with hoteliers, they know their clients will be looked after.

Bula Bride Fiji Destination Wedding Blog // Planning your Fiji Honeymoon

Share the love!

In a lot of cases, the decisions or at least the planning is left to one person rather than being a joint effort, but the problem with that may mean, unless they are your absolute soulmate (which they probably are if you are marrying them) the chances are you might want different things!

The B word

We all know that weddings can get out of hand, and whilst it may seem more important to get that right shade of pink for the place cards, or spend 100s on the perfect centrepieces, it can mean the honeymoon budget suffers.

But you know, you will forget about those centrepieces, and whether you got that pink just right, but it is unlikely you will forget your honeymoon! Even doing the sums based on the length of time of a wedding compared to the time spent away, the value in not decimating the honeymoon budget to cope with it is high. It will mean you may have to compromise on either the standard or quality of your resort, or the length of time you go, and you will regret it!!

Bula Bride Fiji Destination Wedding Blog // Planning your Fiji Honeymoon

Getting the right mix

You will be exhausted after the wedding and there is always a certain amount of that anti-climactic feeling. So make sure you factor in enough time to relax and enjoy your new found status as official lovebirds. Mix it up, go do the activities, decide to go “unbooked” and take it as it comes and explore, but allow yourself time to recharge those batteries. Take time to not have to think or plan and enjoy being together!

Above all, rest, relax and enjoy!

For assistance in planning your Fiji Honeymoon or if you have any questions in regards to choosing the best honeymoon for you, contact Mandi at or

Photos of Tokiriki Island Resort Fiji by Kylie Stewart, Bula Bride.