Since starting Bula Bride in May 2013 – I have been on a wonderful journey growing and developing my little bloggy, seeing the development of Fiji Weddings and making many friends. It has pushed me, pulled me, rewarded me but this rollercoaster of a blog has taken it’s toll. Where is the blog post going you might ask?

Bula Bride is a very honest and personal blog which makes it different from the others. And I wanted to be open and honest with you my lovely readers.

You may have seen that things have slowed down lately on the blog. I have made the tough decision to take some time off from my little blog from October 12th, 2015 to January 2016. Why? 

Since starting Bula Bride it has grown and become much loved at a very fast pace, I jumped on and went for the ride. Being new to blogging in 2013 I never thought about the many hours spent making Bula Bride what it is and the pathways it would take.

Blogging is not as glamorous as you may think. I sit in my PJ’s or my happy pants at my desk blogging away. At night I spend it on the couch so I can spend time with my husband or feel like I am relaxing while working.  I head over to Fiji in my work leave, most times without my husband. Travelling alone well can be lonely – but I am thankful for the friends in Fiji I have made through Bula Bride that make travelling over a little more easier.

I wake up early every morning to answer emails, check social, look at the blogs schedule, follow up on posts, do a bit of reasearch, then head to my full-time job. I get home from work, jump back on the computer answer more emails, do some admin and write a post. Not to mention spending my weekends on Bula Bride while running my Bespoke Screen Printing business in between. And let’s be honest – I don’t make a dime for my time.

The many hours and stress has taken it’s tole, especially on my health. So I have decided to take a deep breath and take some time off to focus on me and my wellbeing. And to have the time to spend with family & friends… just to enjoy life. These days with the world of internet and smartphones, iPads etc. we always find ourselves focused on what others are doing in their life, rather than looking up and embracing the life we have around us.

Apart from the above, there have been many highlights! Bula Bride Shoots, Bula Bride Magazine, Consulting and the hundreds of thank you emails from you the readers and the industry for starting Bula Bride and what Bula Bride has done for the industry.

I want to take the time to those in the industry that have embraced Bula Bride and for your constant support. I admire those that continue to do business with integrity and honesty and offer a wonderful service to couples who choose to have their special day in a special country. Unfortunately in Fiji, being a small industry there is no room for competitiveness. There is enough love to go around and supporting each other will only strengthen the industry. 

So, this is not goodbye, just see you later.. I’ll still be blogging up  until the 2nd week of October but then I’ll be back in the new year. During this time off I’ll be thinking about Bula Bride and where to take it next. I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I haven’t had the time to develop. BB will still be live (I may post every now and then) so you can search through and get inspired. Below you will find the links to where you can find more inspiration :: 

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If you have any questions or would love to chat my email is always open:

Vinaka vakalevu for your understanding and look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Kylie x