A common activity for Boys Day Out or Bucks Parties is fishing and there is no better place than Fiji to do it. Personally we struggled when planning our wedding week activities to find a charter company that would cater for 15 blokes. We gave up on the idea and the boys ended up playing golf instead.

So when I got in touch with Photographer Stephen Govel and saw he went Fishing in Fiji with a bunch of fellas before he’s big day – I invited him to talk about the experience on the blog.


Looking for a fishing trip to accommodate more than 5 people in Fiji was tough. After scouring through reviews online, we decided that a private charter sport fishing boat wasn’t going to cut it. We decided hand ling, beers, and snorkeling would be much more accommodating to a large group, and leave the serious fishing for another time. We were pointed to Rosies to help charter a catamaran for all of us. We ended up booking the Coral Cat for 5 hours.

We had a website that provided our guests with all of the info about activities that were going to take place during the wedding week (http://stephenandmadeleine.ourwedding.com/), and also explained the trip a little bit in our awesome invites we sent out. When sending back the RSVP they could tick off if they were keen or not, and how many people in their party wanted to book in. We listed an approximate price because Maddie and I chartered the whole boat so the price would fluctuate a little bit with the amount of people attending.

stephengovelcoralcat02 stephengovelcoralcat03 stephengovelcoralcat04 stephengovelcoralcat05 stephengovelcoralcat06

We left Denarau port and headed to an abandoned island and anchored up. We were able to bring our own beers, and they provided water, soft drinks and a light lunch. The crew was great and so friendly, and helped bait everyone’s hooks that wanted to fish, as well as took the fish off of the line for them. We swam to the abandoned island and walked around, and joked with the Fijian guy we were following. He even opened coconuts for EVERY person that went. To say he worked up a sweat was an understatement. He remembered everyones names and was a pleasure to hang around with. We ended up catching enough fish to feed the entire crew 🙂

stephengovelcoralcat07 stephengovelcoralcat09 stephengovelcoralcat10 stephengovelcoralcat11 stephengovelcoralcat12 stephengovelcoralcat13 stephengovelcoralcat14 stephengovelcoralcat15 stephengovelcoralcat16 stephengovelcoralcat17 stephengovelcoralcat18 stephengovelcoralcat19stephengovelcoralcat20 stephengovelcoralcat21

I think this was a perfect trip for what we needed it to be. A stress free fishing trip that no one took too seriously. People fishing, swimming, drinking and having a good time in general. Paired with a helpful and fun crew it was a recipe for success. The only con would be the lunch wasn’t substantial but the port has plenty to offer when you return. For the price point, you couldn’t beat it if you get enough people together.

Photography/ Stephen Govel Photography
Tour booked through/ Rosie Holidays Fiji