Never has there been a line of shoes well considered for outdoor and beach weddings. Not only are they cute too boot, but they comfortable & practical.

Forever Soles bridal shoe boutique was born in 2011 by Angie Geurs, a former Fashion Product Developer and Designer.

“I found it frustratingly difficult to find a pair of shoes that could take me from rainforest, to beach, to dance floor as my wedding called for” Angie explains. “I was disappointed by the fact that the hottest international designs and bridal trends focused heavily on dresses and every other aspect of weddings, but the shoes seemed to be forgotten. There were hardly any options for stylish, comfortable and practical wedding shoes!” — Angie

The collection includes Barefoot Sandals, Wedges, and Peep Toe shoes. All pieces are handcrafted to be an heirloom piece, with items sourced from China, India, Thailand, the US as well as Great Britain and Australia, with an emphasis on both affordability, quality and razzle dazzle.

“We want the brides feet to be covered in a casing that befits the journey she is taking. She is adorned: her dress, her hair, her smile. She should feel the same sense of enchantment spreading to her soles.”
— Angie

Forever soles are all original and unique and not to mention affordable! Bula Bride particularly loves the sweet little shoe charms.


Photography: Debs Ivelja Photography
Shoes: Forever Soles
Dresses: Damsel Vintage & Silver Sixpence
Bouquets: White Willow Designs & Not Just Jewels
Hair Piece: Shut the Front Door – Bridal Accessories