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Skyward Weddings videography allows brides to relive their important day in supreme quality, revisiting everything from the ceremony, interviews with family and friends, reception, location shots and much more! We also feature aerial video of your wedding to give you the most unique souvenir possible.

Skyward Weddings has been featured in various magazines as one of the top media service providers in the wedding market. Due to their large team and set of equipment, Skyward sets its self apart from all other with the scale of their shoots, being able to cover over 6 angles at a single time! – not a moment missed!

Being based in Nadi their team has the ability to easily travel to most popular wedding destinations.


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Q&A with Skyward Weddings

How long has your service been around? What inspired you to become a videographer?
Our team has been in the wedding business for three years. Having started from a Media Production company, we slowly moved towards the wedding market after various requests and recommendations, seeing that our team had the professional equipment and the expertise to share with a new industry and its lovely brides.

Do you have packages and what are they? Are you able to customize your videographer packages?
Yes, we are able to customize our videography packages based on the needs and requests of the brides.
Apart from that, we have two steady packages, namely;
A) Ceremony package (coverage of the final touch up on dress-up of bride, wedding ceremony and after wedding group shots) [2 hours]
B) Prestige package (coverage of pre-wedding dress-up of the bride and groom, interviews, wedding ceremony, photo sessions, cocktail and reception) [2pm – 8pm]

Our packages also include options for aerial footage, whether it be location shots or group shots from a bird’s eye, or simply something exceptional.

How many weddings do you cover in a day?
We cover only one wedding per day because we believe in giving our dedication and time to the bride of the day.

How would you describe your videography style?
Cinematic style for the highlights and Journalistic/Documentary style for the full version.

How much lead time do you need for couples to confirm your services?
At least three months advance to a maximum time frame convenient for the bride and groom.

Top tip for couples who wish to make the best of your service?
Smile, as it is the most priceless moment captured on the day.

Do you have a favorite location to shoot and why?
Fiji is beautiful all over, there are no favorites. The weather and the people contribute to the beauty of each location. Our team does however enjoy venues with a little room to move about, especially outdoor weddings as they enable for spectacular shots from various angles. Nevertheless, having filmed in countless venues across Fiji, indoors and outdoors, we are ready for them all.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?
Fijian weddings are simply put: stunning. Having the gift of over 300 islands, some of the best weather in the world and exotic locations unlike anywhere else, it is hard not to love everything about Fijian weddings. As videographers, there is never a repetitive or dull moment. The venues are always changing, the conditions are rarely the same and every couple has a unique love story. Imagine your favorite romantic movie, now imagine being able to be right there, capturing the best moments and being able to do so not just for one, but for dozens of love stories; this is the privilege our team has and the reason why we love what we do.