Overnight the tropical depression has turned itself into a Cat 2 Cyclone Zena (secretly love the name). In all circumstances where a cyclone or bad weather is threatening Fiji please do the following:

1. Follow all instructions provided by your resort to ensure your safety. Your resort will keep you up to date on any progress or developments and will provide advice. Please be patient with them during this time. All resorts will have generators for power.

2. Stock up on food & water in case you can’t leave your resort or room.

3. If you are traveling in and out of Fiji, seek advice from your travel agent/ specialist. They will be able to monitor flights, transfers etc. and advise you if its ok to travel.

4. Don’t have an agent? Monitor social media pages from your resorts, airline etc. for updates or call them direct.

5. Keep all communication and receipts for travel insurance if your travels are delayed or extended.

6. Take insect repellent & practice good hygiene. Conjunctivitis is currently spread to the resorts. So wash your hands and use sanitizer.

7. All communication with planners, suppliers and vendors will be staggered. So please bare with them during this time. This is due to limited power, access to offices and poor communication lines. They will respond to you in time.

8. Don’t stress & be patient. Yes it can be overwhelming to think your big day is affected by this weather. The cyclone is set to pass Fiji quickly and return to blue skies. Your wedding planners will ensure your day happens no matter what. If your prepared all will be fine. Embrace the rain!

9. Smile and say Bula! Despite this second lot of bad weather for the people of Fiji in the coming months, their strength and ability to smile through hardship is inspiring. Please keep your thoughts with them.

10. Keep up with the latest on Bula Bride’s Facebook Page.

Cover photo by Laurence of Nadi Bay Photography