If your looking for a hen’s idea, a bite to eat outside the resort, or a taste of real Fijian food then Ecocafé is a must!

I found Ecocafé via Instagram and did a bit of a google search finding them on Trip Advisor. I thought this would be a nice little outing for the girls the day before the wedding while the boys played golf and drank beer.

We jumped on a mini bus organised through Fiji Chauffeurs and headed 30mins from The Outrigger on the Coral Coast to the little gem in Votua Village.

bula-bride-eco-cafe-doors bula-bride-eco-cafe-3Bula-Bride-Eco-Cafebula-bride-eco-cafe-7

Ecocafé is a small bamboo cafe by the beach owned by a husband and wife duo. She is Italian, He Fijian who has the most contagious laugh and cheeky nature!

They call their food fresh ‘slow’ food and it is! Everything is as fresh as you can get. Freshly picked, freshly cooked, everything is al-natural, you won’t find anything packaged or processed and that’s what makes it taste so good!  The food is a fusion of Italian and Fijian, with dishes from both nationalities.

Be mindful when you head to Ecocafé, that the food is cooked on Fiji time. But its a great excuse to go stroll the beach or even go for a horse ride while the pots are stirred. If you have limited time to spend at Ecocafé you can order your dishes in advanced through eMail, just let them know your time of arrival.

Ecocafé also offer lovo for minimum 6 people, buffet style with chicken, fish, vegetables, assorted crops, dessert and tea (F$ 60.00 per person). Note: If you choose to do the lovo you must book 1 day is advanced.

bula-bride-eco-cafe-4 bula-bride-eco-cafe-5 bula-bride-eco-cafe-6bula-bride-eco-cafe-beach

I had arranged before our arrival the Lovo lunch for 12 of us. But my email didn’t get through to Fabi. So she offered to make us a selection of Fijian dishes as well as some fused dishes to share amongst us.

We started with some fresh tropical juice and taro chips. Followed by a ceviche fish and coconut milk salad which was so divine!

One hour later, main was served – freshly baked bread, kokoda fish in coconut cream and hibiscus leaves and a delish prawn dish (apologies I can’t remember). Dessert was some yummy chocolate slices with lemongrass leaf tea.

Big call, but it would have to be one of the best meals I have ever eaten, even if it did take a whole 3 hours. When I return to Fiji next year, I will be sure to stop by. A shout out to our lovely driver for waiting the whole time to take us back to the resort.


Ecocafé Fiji
Where: Queen’s Highway, Votua Village, Viti Levu, Fiji
Call: 00679 6530064
eMail: [email protected]

Photography by Kylie Stewart