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Who are we? The simplified version is that we are an accredited travel company with an exceptional flair in travel and in particular, Destination Wedding and Event Planning.

You have been dreaming about a sunset Destination Wedding ever since you met the absolute love of your life in that bar you eventually got around to trying….or that movie you had been meaning to see….or even by swiping right on tinder (no judgement) and you fell hopelessly in love.

Time goes by and you never lose hope of your dream wedding coming to life and finally it happens! The love of your life gets down on one knee and you can finally start planning…except you have no idea where to start.

The realisation of the time it will take you to plan your dream Destination Wedding sinks in….You start to feel the sand slipping away through the hourglass, you can no longer taste the banana-berry-licious cocktail or feel the sun on your skin. In a panic you jump onto the internet to find that Wedding Destination Company you heard rave reviews about from a friend of a friend and you realise they are exactly what you need.

Whether it is the epitome of romance, saying your vows at sunset on a tropical island, or celebrating that special birthday or anniversary with 50 of your closest friends, or even just that awesome cruise or trip around the world, we are masters at crafting the ideal itinerary so you can just enjoy!

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Question & Answers

Tell us a little about your service background?
I have been in travel for 38 years! I started working in the wedding industry and particularly Fiji back in 2005. I am also an authorised Marriage Celebrant in Australia, and I was an event planner back in the UK too, so I have always been around weddings and events

How long have you been offering wedding planning services?
I have been doing weddings in Fiji for about 10 years!

Why is it a good decision to engage the services of a wedding specialist?

Deciding to have an overseas wedding has its pros and cons, but beautiful destination weddings don’t just happen! They are usually easier and often cheaper than some large scale affair closer to home, but a good destination wedding is the result of a lot of hard work and proper planning. In the past, engaging a wedding Co-ordinator was considered a luxury. However, in these hectic times, where everyone’s already got more than enough to do and not enough time to do it in, for anyone who is thinking of travelling overseas for a destination wedding, a coordinator really is a necessity. Arranging weddings and receptions can be complicated and frustrating at the best of times but trying to do so long distance can present more unique challenges. Regardless of your reason for choosing to escape, one thing is for sure, you can’t rely solely on your mum for advice. In most situations, we are the same or better than dealing with any other agent, online or direct with the resort, however having us on your side means we can negotiate on your behalf directly with the suppliers, while also getting access to insane special group rates and ‘exclusive inclusions’. We save you time, money & stress.

Which other wedding vendors do you like to work with?

We work with all the resorts in Fiji, plus we have great relationships with all the other suppliers such as photography, hair and make-up and so on.

What are your wedding packages?

We can put anything together! Do you also offer customized wedding package and what have you done recently? We do all the time, we can take a resort package and add on to it, or we can start from the ground up. We can tailor make any package.

How many weddings on average do you handle in a year?

Around 100.

Saying I do: do you organize the legal side of getting married in Fiji?

Absolutely and we know the ins and outs of the legalities, what forms you need and so on.

Do you have a popular property/venue that is requested and why?
Yes, we do a lot of work with a couple of the Denarau and Coral Coast properties, and a few of the Mamanuca ones. Fiji is different t a lot of places in that unlike Asia you tend to only stay in the hotel at night as there is so much to do there, markets, shopping, culture etc. So if you get the wrong resort it is not going to be a major issue. However with Fiji, because of the way it is set out, most of the resorts tend to be mini destinations in themselves, and you are generally more resort-bound. So if you get it wrong, then it is wrong for the whole holiday! This is why it is important to make sure we give you what is right for you!

Do you also arrange couples honeymoon?
Without a doubt, and again our intense knowledge of all the resorts will make sure you have the perfect honeymoon!

Top 3 tips for planning your wedding in Fiji?

1. Choose wisely! Think about your guests and the make-up of your party, don’t pick a place purely on price!

2. Communicate! Although a destination wedding may be more budget friendly for you, it is considerably more expensive for your guests. In paying for a package to your destination they need to factor in flights, accommodation and transfers to and from the airport. All of this needs to be clearly communicated to them with an idea of pricing to allow them to make an informed decision.

3. Get help! We do what we do well. Using a specialist travel agent who can handle all aspects of the trip along with the local wedding coordinator in the resort is an instant stress release. I had a bride a while ago who I spent ages working with. I suggested she didn’t go to a specific resort because I knew it well and I knew her vision, and they were not complimentary. She instead chose to take the advice of a mate who had been to Fiji once and ignore my advice. She messaged me on her wedding day to say she wished she had listened to me – how sad!